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PRX Derm Perfexion

Reduced Wrinkles, Enhanced Confidence

Londonderry’s Best PRX Derm Perfexion Treatments With Inbloom Health + Medispa

Being one of only two naturopathic doctors (NDs) practicing in the state of New Hampshire, Dr. Tanya Lawson of Inbloom Health + Medispa is known for her holistic approach to delivering beautiful and natural results. Offering PRX Derm Perfexion as an alternative to other chemical peels, Dr. Lawson brings her patients a new level of comfort with a procedure that reduces signs of aging, sun damage, and blemishes in the skin. She strives to deliver the best PRX Derm Perfexion Londonderry has to offer. Schedule your consultation for PRX Derm Perfexion in Londonderry today.

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A Gentler Chemical Peel

What is PRX Derm Perfexion?

PRX Derm Perfexion is an incredible liquid made of trichloracetic acid (TCA), hydrogen peroxide, and kojic acid that provides tighter, smoother skin. The difference between PRX Derm Perfexion and other chemical peels is that PRX Derm Perfexion was designed to be as gentle as possible on the skin while still delivering the same stunning results.

Younger-Looking Skin

What are the benefits of PRX Derm Perfexion?

PRX Derm Perfexion is ideal for adults looking to smooth out or prevent the formation of new wrinkles, reduce the effects of sun damage, shrink oversized pores, or eliminate blemishes and acne scars. PRX Derm Perfexion can also help improve skin tone and texture, lessen stretch marks, rehydrate the skin, and reduce skin laxity. Application of this gentle, FDA-approved, and non-invasive chemical peel is associated with little to no pain. PRX Derm Perfexion provides immediate improvement with almost no downtime.

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Smooth away years of wrinkles and blemishes

Am I a good candidate for PRX Derm Perfexion?

One of the gentlest chemical peels on the market, PRX Derm Perfexion provides spectacular results. Since it is so gentle, this peel is perfect for adults of all ages, skin tones, and skin types who want tighter, smoother, and more even-toned skin. Individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding should check with a doctor before receiving any kind of cosmetic treatment. PRX Derm Perfexion may not be recommended if you have a skin infection, an open wound near the target treatment site, or very sensitive skin. Check with your primary care doctor or one of our licensed aesthetic medical providers to make sure PRX Derm Perfexion is a good fit for you.

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A Comfortable, Clean Experience

Your PRX Derm Perfexion Procedure

To begin, your licensed aesthetic medical provider will clean your skin in the area to be treated. Next, they will administer the PRX Derm Perfexion liquid using a gentle massaging technique. You may experience a slight tingling sensation, but there is little to no pain associated with this procedure. Once applied, the excess liquid will be wiped off. A moisturizing cream will then be applied to promote the healing process.

Gentle Yet

PRX Derm Perfexion Recovery

Since PRX Derm Perfexion is made to be gentle and cause less damage, your skin will have minimal peeling afterward! You may experience light peeling in areas where the skin is thicker, but peeling is dramatically less than that caused by other chemical treatments. You may also experience some redness or slight inflammation for the first few days after treatment, but these symptoms will clear up by the end of the week. After treatment, our Londonderry PRX Derm Perfexion patients will be ready to return to most normal activities. Avoid spending time in direct sunlight, and always apply sunscreen to the treated areas for the first week after treatment. Sweat can irritate the treated areas, so it is also recommended that you avoid strenuous physical activity that could irritate your healing skin.

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Enhancing Your Complexion

PRX Derm Perfexion Results

With PRX Derm Perfexion chemical peels, you will be able to see instantaneous improvement of the skin in the treated areas. Full results take about a week to show up when any residual redness and possible inflammation will be resolved. At that time, you will see noticeably smoother, tighter, blemish-free skin. Each of our Londonderry PRX Derm Perfextion patients and treatment is unique. At your consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your individualized treatment plan. PRX Derm Perfexion peels are permanent. However, because the skin is continuously changing and aging, it is recommended that you schedule a touch-up treatment every year to maintain your improved complexion.

Treat yourself to healthier-looking skin

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Our experts at Inbloom Health + Medispa want to provide you with the high-quality aesthetic experience you deserve. Our PRX Derm Perfexion treatments offer the ability to greatly reduce signs of aging and other skin blemishes in a non-invasive, comfortable environment. Schedule your consultation with us today and begin your journey to smoother, healthier-looking skin.

PRX Derm PerfexionFrequently Asked Questions

The application of PRX Derm Perfexion may cause a slight tingling sensation but is virtually painless. You may experience mild sensitivity and inflammation during the first week of recovery.

There are not any common risks associated with PRX Derm Perfexion.

Insurance does not cover PRX Derm Perfexion or any other chemical peels. We are happy to discuss any questions about pricing during your consultation.

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