Awaken and Hydrate Your Face with the Skinwave™ Facial

Awaken and Hydrate Your Face with the Skinwave™ Facial

If wishing made it so, your skin would look young forever. But alas, sun damage, environmental factors, and the gradual effects of time inevitably take their toll, leaving your skin looking much older than you feel. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept these frustrating skin changes. 

Here at Inbloom Health + Medispa, our team of experts led by Dr. Tanya Lawson knows how important healthy, young-looking skin is. That’s why we offer the best in skin care treatments, including Skinwave™ facials. Here’s how this advanced system works to rejuvenate your skin.

Hydrogen therapy

Skinwave’s aqua-delivery system includes a unique hydrogen therapy step you can’t find in most standard facials. During your facial, we apply water infused with high concentrations of hydrogen. The hydrogen reacts with active oxygen in your skin to form water molecules that we extract with radial tips. 

This step is crucial, as it provides antioxidants, promotes hydration, and reduces inflammation in your skin. 

Targeted treatment

Is your skin dry and dull? Are you losing the battle against acne? Skinwave can help. The active ingredients in this specialized facial resolve common skin problems by:

Bonus: We can adjust the volume of the solution to completely customize each facial to meet your exact needs.

Comprehensive treatments

The Skinwave system comes equipped with two extra handpieces that allow us to offer even more with each facial. The electrical pulse handpiece gently opens your pores to maximize absorption. The double-lifting handpiece stimulates circulation, provides muscle relaxation, and encourages skin tightening during your treatment. 

It also comes with added blue and red LED therapy options, which provide even more skin tone and texture improvements. 

Tips for maximizing your facial

The Skinwave system is all you need to get younger-looking skin. But it doesn’t hurt to give your facials a little boost. Here are some practical tips and tricks to get the most of your treatment:

We also recommend you get plenty of restful sleep. Most people don’t realize that adequate sleep is crucial to your skin’s natural healing and regeneration process.

Ready to see how Skinwave facials can give your skin a reboot? We’d love to talk. Call our friendly staff at 603-818-8777, or request an appointment online at our Londonderry, New Hampshire, office today.

Also, talk to us about our other facials and aesthetic services to see if a combination of treatments is best for you.

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