The Best Facial Areas for Botox®

People say you should always put your best foot forward — we say you should put your best face forward. But feeling confident in your skin can be hard to do when you’re self-conscious about wrinkles. That’s where Botox® comes in.

Here, Dr. Tanya Lawson and our team of specialists at Inbloom Health + MediSpa in Londonderry, New Hampshire take a closer look at this popular cosmetic treatment and explore the areas on your face where the injections make the biggest impact.

The basics of Botox

Even if you’ve never had an injection, you’ve probably heard of or know someone who’s had Botox. But have you wondered about the science behind the cosmetic treatment that’s become a household name?

Botox is the brand name of a toxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. In small doses, and when administered by a licensed physician like Dr. Lawson, this toxin blocks the signals from your nerves to your muscles, temporarily paralyzing them. 

This relaxes your muscles and reduces the appearance of creases caused by flexing these muscles when you smile, frown, laugh, or grimace. Botox doesn’t work on textural wrinkles caused by sun damage and age. Instead, it targets the folds and creases caused by muscle movement on certain areas of your face. 

Where Botox works best

When you make a facial expression, do creases and wrinkles suddenly appear and then disappear when you relax your face? These are called dynamic wrinkles. 

These types of wrinkles are the result of years of repetitive muscle movements, and they’re the wrinkles Botox fights best. Dynamic wrinkles can show up almost anywhere on your face, including the following trouble areas.


Repetitive movements over the years can cause deep horizontal lines to form across your forehead. Forehead lines are one of the first signs of aging, and what’s worse, they’re often the most difficult to hide. 

Between the brows

Just below your forehead, between your eyebrows, is another area where dynamic wrinkles tend to form. These wrinkles — also known as frown lines — appear when you frown or furrow your brow.

Botox can also address another type of brow bother. If your eyebrows are drooping, a dose of Botox under your eyebrow relaxes the muscles pulling them down and creates a youthful lift. 

Corners of the eyes

You may have heard some call the wrinkles near the corners of your eyes “crow’s feet.” These pesky wrinkles show up when you smile or laugh. 

Around the nose

Some call them “bunny lines,” but we just call them annoying. Bunny lines form around either side of your nose when you crinkle it. These wrinkles can spread from the bridge of your nose to your lower lid. 

Around the mouth

There are a few ways dynamic wrinkles can pop up around your lips. Smoker’s lines (they’re called that even if you don’t smoke) show up when you purse your lips, and they also appear on the surrounding skin. 

Marionette lines are folds that begin at the corners of your mouth and extend down toward your jaw. You may notice the corners of your mouth droop as well.

On the neck

Your neck is another area where dynamic wrinkles tend to show up. After a while, the bands in your neck muscles begin to sag and stand out. Botox helps them relax and become less noticeable. 

What you can expect from a Botox treatment

One of the things we love most about Botox is how versatile it is. If you’re frustrated with one or more problem spots on your face, Botox can address them all. Bonus: you can get Botox as a preventive treatment long before the wrinkles ever set in. 

Botox injections are quick and easy, too. They typically only take around 10 minutes to complete, and other than some tenderness at the injection site, there are few side effects. 

You can see the effects of Botox after a day or two, and your results should last for up to four months. Depending on your needs, we may recommend you come in for more treatments to maximize your results. 

Botox also works well with other injectables, including dermal fillers, so you can address your wrinkles in more than one way. 

Don’t spend another day fighting the anti-aging war on your own. Come see what our lineup of cosmetic treatments can do for you. 

If you have more questions about Botox, or if you want to see if you’re a candidate, request an appointment online, or call our friendly staff at 603-818-8777. 

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