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Reveal Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin With CoolPeel® Laser

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Reveal Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin With CoolPeel® Laser

There’s a lot that goes into beauty, and it goes without saying that what’s inside matters most. But we know that in addition to a good heart, great personality, a stellar smile, and an on-trend wardrobe, your skin plays a large role in your overall look. 

That's why if your skin is starting to change and makes you look older than you are (or feel), it’s time to take action. 

Here at Inbloom Health + Medispa, Dr. Tanya Lawson and our team offer CoolPeel® — the most advanced skin resurfacing technology — to take your skin from drab back to fab. 

What’s happened to my skin?

For years, you’ve enjoyed soft, supple skin. But now you look in the mirror and you hardly recognize yourself. If you’re wondering what’s happened, you’ve already taken the first steps toward recovering your skin. 

Unfortunately, your skin is a finicky but important part of your anatomy. It contains nerve receptors that allow you to sense the world around you, help control fluid and electrolyte balance, manage your body temperature, and even protect you from the environment. 

Your skin contains connective tissues with collagen, which provides structure, and elastin, which gives your skin flexibility and strength. 

When you’re young, your skin has lots of collagen and elastin, so it looks young and healthy. Genetic makeup, environmental factors, and nutrition all play a role in how your skin eventually changes. 

Time and sun exposure, however, are the greatest threats to your skin. 

As the years go by, you naturally slow down your production of collagen and elastin, which causes your skin to wrinkle, sag, and look leathery. Overexposure to harmful UV rays also attacks your body’s ability to replace collagen and elastin. 

You may also notice changes in the color of your skin. Age or “liver” spots develop in sun-exposed areas. Conversely, as you lose pigment-containing cells called melanocytes, your skin can appear pale and even translucent. 

The blood vessels in your skin also become more fragile, which causes bruising and bleeding. Your skin becomes dry and itchy as your sebaceous glands stop making oil. 

As you can see, just about anything that can go wrong with your skin will go wrong. And the complications don’t stop at the cosmetic level. Thin, weak skin is more fragile and more likely to tear. Your skin has less padding, which means less control over sensation and body temperature. 

You can try creams and home remedies to revive your skin, but the only way to truly restore it is from the inside out, bringing back what your skin has lost — and CoolPeel is the answer. 

How can CoolPeel Help me? 

CoolPeel is a revolutionary technology that safely and comfortably resurfaces your skin with CO2 laser treatments. 

CoolPeel treatments use the SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser, which is the most advanced of its kind. It allows us complete control over the output and delivers high energy in short, targeted pulses. As the lasers pass through your skin, they eliminate damaged tissue and stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, while heat tightens your skin. 

Why is it called CoolPeel if there’s heat involved? That’s because the technology is so advanced that it heats without causing thermal damage to surrounding skin. This also means that CoolPeel treatments deliver better results with minimal downtime. There’s no required numbing or anesthesia, but we can provide numbing cream to keep you completely comfortable if you want. 

Bonus: CoolPeel treatments only take 5-15 minutes, depending on the location and severity of the treatment area. 

After your treatment, you may be a little red and feel as though you have a sunburn for a day or two. None of the side effects you develop are severe, and you should be able to return to your daily routine right away. 

We encourage you to keep your skin hydrated and avoid products that contain irritants. We walk you through more detailed post-treatment care and tailor it to your exact needs and skincare regimen.

Ready to see if you’re a candidate? Call (603) 818-8777 or use our online booking tool to request an appointment at our Londonderry, New Hampshire office today. 

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